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Social Media Video Marketing is HOT!

We are part of the creative team known in the Social Media Video Marketing industry for delivering vibrant, state-of-the-art Social Marketing Videos that capture the attention of your target audience in the vast Social Network.


4 BILLION Videos are watched online EVERY DAY. Almost 70% of viewers go on to SHARE Video. Statistics are showing that featuring Video on your website’s landing page can increase your chances of ranking on PAGE 1 of Google by almost 55%…Here is your opportunity to reach millions of consumers.


According to YouTube, the site sees 1 billion unique visitors every month and reaches more adults in the U.S. ages 18-34 than any cable network. And that’s just YouTube alone! Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms all support Video and are one of the fastest-growing ways to reach your target audience. With our Videos, you’ll be able to speak to your audience one-on-one, any time of day or night. We’ll help you share your story and make a connection with prospective customers or clients. Our Social Videos are crisp, clean, interactive, and easily integrated with your online marketing strategy.



Social Media Video Marketing Goals & Benefits:

• Increase Company, Service or Product Awareness

• Build your credibility as a Thought-Leader in your Industry

• Drive traffic to your website

• Generate Sales and Increase Profits

• Promote new products and services or raise awareness of existing ones.

• Enhance your SEO Rankings

• Engage and influence your unique audiences.

• Increase Social Media Efforts

• Build Better Business Relationships


Social Media Video Marketing can do all this and MORE! Create awesome brand building Videos that will connect your business with your desired client base while helping to establish expert status in your field.

Effective Social Media Video Marketing Campaign = More Customers = Increased Profits

We offer all the tools you will need to make a splash in Social Video Marketing:

• Live Studio Shoots

• On Location Shoots

• Script Writing

• In-House Video Editing

• Video Search Engine Optimization

• Video Blast Capabilities

• Branded Video Intros and Credits

• Video Animation of your logo

• Make your flyer/poster come alive with animated typography

• And More…


It’s time for your business to get involved in this MONEY making aspect of Social Networking!!!

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Gato Salazar | DBG

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